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Updated July 1, 2020:

Sadly, Wonder of Dinosaurs and all indoor museums have been ordered closed again! We believe in this second closure, we have been inappropriately targeted without cause. Wonder of Dinosaurs can easily facilitate social distancing by substantially limiting occupancy in our massive and nearly 80,000 square foot museum, as well as wearing of masks, fresh outdoor pass-through air ventilation and sanitization protocols in place provided directly by the CDC. This new closure guideline is devastating beyond words.

If you have not been financially impacted due to closures or loss of work, please consider purchasing tickets for a future visit, making a donation or supporting us with our name-a-dinosaur sponsorship so we can continue to maintain our happy family of dinosaurs, Woolly Mammoths and Saber Tooth. We are not a government funded museum like so many are. We rely on being open and using our customers ticket purchases to care for our dinosaurs, staff and other substantial expenses. These expenses continue even as we are closed with no income.

We can't wait to open again and be a part of providing your dinosaur-loving-child with a day of much happiness!

Thank you very much!

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